Aug. 18, 2021

Lessons from the Cleveland Indians (Now Guardians) Name Change

Lessons from the Cleveland Indians (Now Guardians) Name Change

Welcome to the first episode of Brand Narrative, a podcast that explores the world of marketing hosted by Matt Certo and his agency, Findsome & Winmore.

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In this episode, special guest Caleb Liptak - Sr. PR Manager at Findsome & Winmore - comes on the show to discuss the recent name change of the MLB’s Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians.

Matt & Caleb dive into the process behind changing a brand name including how you decide to change a name, how to choose a name, how to roll it out, and more!

Most importantly, Matt and Caleb discuss the aftermath of a decision of this scale and what the organization could have done better.

Lastly, Caleb gives key takeaways that other brands can learn from in the future to more successfully change their brand name.

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