July 29, 2022

The 4 Ps: Understanding the Marketing Mix

The 4 Ps:  Understanding the Marketing Mix

Understanding a simple framework for looking at the core dimensions of a marketing approach famously known at the 4 Ps of Marketing.

In this episode of the Brand Narrative podcast, Matt discusses the various dimensions of the Marketing Mix, famously known at the 4 Ps. We're big believers that this framework, while not new, has stood the test of time as a relevant way to think about structuring various marketing tactics. Most importantly, it serves as an ever-present reminder that marketing is much more than advertising.

  • The Marketing Mix
  • The 4 Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion

The Brand Narrative podcast is produced and published by Findsome & Winmore and hosted by Matt Certo, agency CEO and author of Formulaic: How Thriving Companies Market from the Core.